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Knowledge Exchange: Museum Social Stand Ups

Museums Galleries Scotland launched a series of Museum Social Stand Ups in response to the coronavirus lockdown measure. The social stand ups were a friendly opportunity for those working and volunteering in museums to continue to network with each other. They were also used to help reduce feelings of isolation during this period of social distancing.

We recorded the 10 minute speaker slots of some of our previous Stand Ups. The videos and resources shared in the sessions are available below.  

David McLeod 1/4/2020  

David spoke about his experiences making the Jacobites podcast at Culture Perth and Kinross to accompany the Jacobite Clans exhibition at Perth Museum. 

Kirsty Earley 9/4/2020 

Kirsty Earley, Project Manager – Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, spoke about how she and two other colleagues digitised a large collection of objects using 3D scanning photogrammetry techniques for the project ‘Visualising Medical Heritage’. The project is a great example of creating high quality 3D collection objects on a low budget.

Anna Starkey 14/4/2020 

Anna spoke about the process used at National Museums Scotland to perform collection care checks while all of their five sites are all closed.

Julianne McGraw and Sally Pentecost 21/4/2020 

Julianne and Sally from the Scottish Heritage Social Media Group gave some tips on how museums (and individuals) could better manage social media during the COVID-19 outbreak. Sally also spoke about the toll that social media can have on your emotional wellbeing during this time and gave some suggestions on how you can look after yourself when you can’t switch off from social media.  

Julianne and Sally also provided some links to helpful resources which you can find in the supporting documents below.

Sarah Cowie 28/4/2020 

Sarah Cowie, Learning Officer at National Museums Scotland, spoke about how their learning programme with schools is being developed to react to school closures and lockdown.

Mark McLeod 4/6/2020 

Mark spoke about his work to develop a series of 8 walking tours for Dunfermline that are held in a WordPress site but are accessed though mobile deceives.

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