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Taking part in Pride Month

June celebrates Pride Month! We’ve collated some examples of events, exhibitions, and online activities to help museums and galleries take part in this annual event.

A group of people are standing together, listening to a tour guide speaking. The group of people is made up of a mix of younger and older people. The tour guide has a light skin tone and short brown hair.

Events and Exhibitions

The Burrell Collection hosted LGBTQ+ walking tours of their collection, delving into the context and meaning behind some of  their most popular objects, and examining how representations of LGBTQ+ culture have always existed within art and history. These tours were developed by museum staff who had lived experience or a connection to the LGBTQ+ community.

In this blog from GlasgowLife, Laura Bauld, Curator at The Burrell Collection, discusses her favourite objects from the LGBTQ+ tour.

Pride and Prejudice: an LGBT+ themed tour of The Georgian House. The Georgian House organised tours of the museum, focusing on LGBT+ history during the Georgian period (1714 – 1830).

Shake, Rattle + Stroll: Love. V&A Dundee organised this interactive workshop, aimed at under 5s, to explore stories and songs inspired by love and how families come in all shapes and sizes. Attendees were invited to pick up an instrument and join in with musical play, stories, and dressing-up, followed by a wander through the galleries!

National Museum of Scotland, LGBTQIA+ Hidden Histories Trail, highlights unexplored LGBTQIA+ stories from across their collections. The trail features ten objects found on Levels 1, 3, and 5 at the National Museum of Scotland.

Glasgow Women’s Library developed Stride with Pride: LGBTQ+ Heritage Trail, a map of Glasgow which highlights just some of the people, places, and spaces that have been a part of Glasgow’s LGBTQ+ heritage and history. An audio version of the tour is also available.

Proud City is an exhibition held at Queensferry museum, which celebrates the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex and asexual people living and working in Edinburgh. It draws upon Museums & Galleries Edinburgh’s broad-ranging LGBTQIA+ collections which include items related to identity, public and sexual health, community, music, social events, activism, publishing and literature amongst other topics. There’s also an online version of the exhibition available.

Online engagement

Uncovering the Hidden Stories of The Watt institution. The Watt Institution wrote this blog, which highlights various objects from their collection, all with a connection to queer history. Each object correlates with a different colour on the Pride Progress flag.

National Galleries Scotland celebrated Pride month by sharing works of art that showcase love, equality, and acceptance throughout June on their social media channels.

Walter Sholto Douglas: A queer pioneer in Scotland’s LGBT+ history. In this blog from Historic Environment Scotland, they explore the story of  19th Century Scottish writer, Walter Sholto Douglas, who rose to fame as a man but was christened Mary Diana Dods.

Pride: A Queer History

The Watt Institution created this video as part of their new exhibition, ‘Pride: A Queer History’ created with Clyde Pride LGBT Youth Group. The video follows the story of Oscar Wilde who visited The Watt Institution on 13th of February, 1885.

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