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These advice guides describe how to acquire, store, care for, display, and dispose of collections.

Environmental monitoring
Temperature and humidity in museums
Inappropriate conditions can severely damage objects over time. This guide provides advice on creating a stable and controlled museum environment to protect your collections.
Anti-racism and collections
Collections Research: Empire, Slavery & Scotland's Museums
These resources have been compiled to support research on the connections in museum collections to chattel slavery, empire, and colonialism.
Collections management
Government Indemnity Scheme
Government Indemnity scheme is an alternative to commercial insurance which provides government-backed cover against loss or damage to art or cultural objects borrowed by UK museums from private lenders or from non-national museums and galleries in the UK or abroad.
Collections care
Introduction to human remains in museums
This introductory guide is a broad overview of displaying human remains in museums.
New museums
Developing and caring for collections
Collections are the heart of a museum. They provide tangible connections to stories and help bring history to life. But they need careful management to reach their full potential.
Collections care
Identifying and reducing air pollution
This guide provides a plan for combatting air pollutants.
Anti-racist action
Anti-racist practice examples in museums
Find resources that give examples, advice, and ask questions of anti-racist practice in museums and galleries in Scotland, the UK, and internationally. 
Collections care
Protecting your textiles
Textiles are common in museum collections. Displaying or storing textiles can come with risks in terms of fading or decay caused by environmental factors.
Collections care
Caring for photographic collections
Advice on preserving your photographic collections.