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Case Studies

Learn from and be inspired by some of the amazing work being undertaken by museums and galleries across Scotland, through our case studies.

Three people stand in a museum shop looking down at books on displays in front of them. They all have their backs to the camera.
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MGS Funded
Two children with light skin, medium-length brown hair, and bright blue school uniforms interact with a digital tablet. One of the children wears headphones which are connected to the device.
David Livingstone Birthplace
Future Careers with David Livingstone Birthplace Museum
A partnership project between the David Livingstone Birthplace museum and David Livingstone Memorial Primary, which helped to foster a connection between the school and museum, and built knowledge of museums as places of work.  
A hand, wearing a purple surgical glove, holds up a glass COVID-19 vaccine vial.
Inverness Museum and Art Gallery
Building partnerships with the Health, Wealth and Happiness project
Collaboration with businesses, charities, groups, and individuals was essential to the success of this year-long project at Inverness Museum & Art Gallery.
The Gaelic-language homepage of the Museum of the Highlands website. Images of a diverse range of museum objects are scattered underneath the text "Taigh-tasgaidh na Gàidhealtachd".
Museums and Heritage Highland
Developing the Museum of the Highlands website
Fifteen museums collaborated with Museums and Heritage Highland to develop a digital learning and engagement hub which showcases 300 objects through a mix of images, information, and activities.
Outline of people with a black speech bubble above that reads 'Carbon Literate Organisation Gold.
Museums Galleries Scotland
Carbon Literacy in Museums Galleries Scotland
Alex Smith, Climate Officer at MGS, writes about Museums Galleries Scotland’s journey to becoming a Carbon Literate organisation in 2022.
An adult with a light skin tone and wearing a face mask covering is filming two adults with light skin tone sat at a table wearing blue protective gloves and looking at a black rotary dial telephone, a vinyl record, and two flat papers.
Museums & Galleries Edinburgh
Auld Reekie Retold; New Stories of an Old City at Museums & Galleries Edinburgh
Nico Tyack, Museums & Galleries Edinburgh, talks about managing the Auld Reekie Retold collections inventory project and integrating public engagement into it.
A man wearing dark clothing and a hat, stands in a room with wooden walls and a large window. He is addressing an audience, some of whom are smiling.
Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches
Intangible Cultural Heritage: Tobar an Dualchais’ Stories from the Kist
Elsie Maclean, Marketing Officer for Tobar an Dualchais, tells us how working with storytellers for the first time allowed them to bring stories from their rich online archive to life in new ways for audiences.
A group of people stand around a table which has a large drawing in the middle of it.
Gairloch Museum
Intangible Cultural Heritage: Gairloch Museum’s Festival of Stories
Curator Karen Buchanan explores how Gairloch Museum’s Festival of Stories enabled them to invite new and existing audiences into the museum space to share stories relevant to the local area, creating a powerful sense of community.
Ellie Diamond, a drag queen with a curly black wig and red and black vinyl dress, poses in front of a museum case. Inside the case is a mannequin with Ellie Diamond's face, a black curly wig, and a red and black vinyl bodysuit.
The McManus Art Gallery & Museum
The McManus and Ellie Diamond’s ‘Denise The Menace’ Outfit
A case study about the McManus: Dundee's Art Gallery and Museum's purchase and display of Ellie Diamond’s ‘Denise The Menace’ outfit from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 2.
A graphic poster of a white steamer ship with a red chimney. Passengers on it are standing and waving from the deck. Overlaid is a black silhouette of the front of a ship in the shape of a dragon's head and a person holding a long sword in the air. Text at the top " Visit Govan Enjoy 1500 years of history in one afternoon. From raiding viking longships to majestic ocean liners."
Fairfield Heritage, The Govan Stones
Joint Marketing Campaign by Fairfield Heritage and The Govan Stones
In this case study Abigail Morris (Fairfield Heritage) and Frazer Capie (The Govan Stones) discuss the impact and learnings from their joint marketing campaign on the Glasgow Subway.
Three adults with light skin – one middle-aged, two older – talk and laugh while standing in the display space at Cupar Museum. Behind them are display panels and a large grandfather clock.
Cupar Museum and Heritage Centre
Running a Volunteer-Led Museum
Volunteers at Cupar Museum and Heritage Centre have developed a dynamic and proactive approach to museum management, engaging with community groups and expanding their collections to shed new light on the history of their hometown.
An adult with medium-light skin, dark long hair in a ponytail and a wearing a yellow jacket looks at a stone engraving of a bull, carved with red paint
Museums Galleries Scotland
MGS Anti-Racism Case Study: Embedding Anti-Racism into the heart of how we communicate
Through our commitment to Anti-Racism, Museums Galleries Scotland has adapted it's communication processes to disrupt biases in the way we talk and connect with people. This case study looks at the changes undertaken by the Marketing and Communications Team
Two light skinned people with blonde and brown hair, sit next to a dark skinned person with short black hair in a ponytail and a medium skinned person wearing a dark hijab. They sit around a table looking at documents
Museums Galleries Scotland
Anti-Racism Case Study: How We Recruit and Support Our Team
The way we approach human resources at Museums Galleries Scotland is central to our organisational commitment to anti-racism