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Case Studies

Learn from and be inspired by some of the amazing work being undertaken by museums and galleries across Scotland, through our case studies.

Three people stand in a museum shop looking down at books on displays in front of them. They all have their backs to the camera.
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MGS Funded
An adult with medium-light skin, dark long hair in a ponytail and a wearing a yellow jacket looks at a stone engraving of a bull, carved with red paint
Museums Galleries Scotland
MGS Anti-Racism Case Study: Embedding Anti-Racism into the heart of how we communicate
Through our commitment to Anti-Racism, Museums Galleries Scotland has adapted it's communication processes to disrupt biases in the way we talk and connect with people. This case study looks at the changes undertaken by the Marketing and Communications Team
Two light skinned people with blonde and brown hair, sit next to a dark skinned person with short black hair in a ponytail and a medium skinned person wearing a dark hijab. They sit around a table looking at documents
Museums Galleries Scotland
Anti-Racism Case Study: How We Recruit and Support Our Team
The way we approach human resources at Museums Galleries Scotland is central to our organisational commitment to anti-racism
A long bookshelf with rows of colourful books filling every shelf
Museums Galleries Scotland
Anti-Racism Case Study: Adapting Our Collections Work
Since early 2020 we have been attempting to proactively implement anti-racist approaches in the support we offer around collections work
A close up of files of paper in orange covers
Museums Galleries Scotland
MGS Anti-Racism Case Study: Adjusting Our Processes
Laura McDonald, Contracts and Procurement Manager, at Museums Galleries Scotland writes about the changes we've made to internal processes to embed anti-racism in our work.
A blue graphical logo of a house for St Andrews Heritage Museum and Garden
St Andrews Heritage Museum & Garden
Museum Rebrand and Development of Website: St Andrews Heritage Museum & Garden
In this case study Samantha Walker, Museum Manager and Curator at St Andrews Heritage Museum & Garden talks about better reflecting the public- facing activities of the museum through a rebranding project and creation of a dedicated museum website funded through Museums Galleries Scotland.
Two light skinned adults with long, tied back hair and a medium skinned adult with short cropped dark hair and a dark beard, stand around a table that has several different items of old clothing on it. The adults all wear coloured gloves.
Museums and Galleries Edinburgh
Dressed For Success: a Step Change for the Dress History Collection at Museums & Galleries Edinburgh
The Museums & Galleries Edinburgh team talk about the impact of their Dressed For Success project, funded by Museums Galleries Scotland.
A metal post displaying two deep blue banners. One banner has the words 'United Nations Climate Change', while the other has the words ' Welcome to Glasgow' and an abstract green and white pattern.
National Galleries Scotland
Preserving Pasts, Imagining Futures: National Galleries of Scotland & National Library of Scotland
Ahead of the UN Climate Summit COP26, National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) and the National Library of Scotland (NLS) partnered for an engagement project to connect Scottish audiences with the event being held in Glasgow in November 2021.
A mid-20th century green and cream coloured double decker bus parked next to a navy blue transport vehicle. The two vehicles are located inside a warehouse with brick walls.
Dundee Museum of Transport
Environmental Sustainability: Dundee Museum of Transport
Dundee Museum of Transport, by adopting a sustainable agenda, hopes to become Europe’s first fully carbon neutral transport museum. With the exhibitions reflecting sustainable transport, and a net zero target for the operations of the museum and the building itself, they strive to find ways to implement environmentally responsible practice in everything they do.
A modern building with rough stone walls and a sweeping wooden roof. A curving path leads up to the entrance.
Robert Burns Birthplace Museum
Environmental Sustainability: Robert Burns Birthplace Museum
This case study is about: By adopting a sustainable agenda, it has been possible for the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum to create a state-of-the-art, award-winning museum which successfully balances conservation needs alongside environmental needs, ultimately creating a better space for its collections, and its visitors
A group of adults sit around a table looking down at books and items in boxes that are displayed on the surface. A prominent white banner is in the background displaying text "Glasgow Women's Library"
Glasgow Women's Library
Glasgow Women's Library's Collections Volunteering Programme
This case study is about: Developing the capacity, skills, and knowledge of GWL’s volunteers in response to an increase in visitors to the library and its collections. You should read it if: You are interested in empowering a diverse workforce, including volunteers, to increase their skills and potential.
Five young adults in Iron Age costume stand on a wooden pier in front of a crannog, a type of thatched roundhouse which is built over water.
The Scottish Crannog Centre
Pilot Apprenticeship Scheme: The Scottish Crannog Centre
The key to The Scottish Crannog Centre is the belief that only by having a diverse Crannog Community can they best engage with diverse audiences. Director, Mike Benson, reflects on their pilot for a long-term apprenticeship programme, as part of their commitment to building an environment for success.
Two young adults talk with a young adult who is seated at a table. The seated young adult is writing on a piece of paper.
The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum
Creative & Digital Media Foundation Apprenticeship
The Scottish Creative Economy is booming with excellent opportunities for careers across creative industries. The Foundation Apprenticeship in Media gives pupils the opportunities to develop a range of practical and soft skills to prepare for work or further study within the sector. The team at Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum reflect on their time with foundation apprentices.