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Knowledge Exchange: Engaging Schools and Communities with STEM/STEAM


In this Knowledge Exchange we hear from Loretta Mordi from Museums Galleries Scotland, Conor Ellis from Dynamic Earth, and Ailsa Brien from National Museum of Scotland.

The speakers discuss ways in which heritage organisations can engage with schools and communities to support STEM learning.

(00:00 – 05:17) Loretta Mordi, Museum Development Manager for Learning and Engagement at Museums Galleries Scotland

Loretta provides an introduction to the event and highlights the important role that museums play in supporting STEM/STEAM learning outside of the classroom.

(5:17) Conor Ellis, Head of Learning and Engagement at Dynamic Earth

Conor talks about the immersive experience for visitors at Dynamic Earth’s Science Centre and the various learning and engagement programmes that Dynamic Earth run in collaboration with Schools across Scotland.

(21:55) Ailsa Brien, Maths Week Co-ordinator at National Museum of Scotland

Ailsa is the Maths Week Co-ordinator at National Museums Scotland. She discusses the purpose of Maths Week Scotland and provides examples of how museums and galleries can get involved with the week through a range of activities.


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