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A smiling child with light skin, brown braided hair and a dark green dress. They are holding an activity sheet in one hand and using the other to point at a toy cat hiding on top of a museum display.
Admissions Pricing Policy in Museums and its Impact
AIM partnered with MGS, Arts Council England, the Welsh Government, the National Museum Directors’ Council, and Art Fund, to commission DC Research Ltd and Durnin Research Ltd to explore current admissions pricing policy in museums and their impact.
An older adult with light skin and dark grey hair arranges glass bottles on a shelf in a retail setting.
Character Matters Attitudes, Behaviours, and Values in the Museums Sector Workforce
This research, funded by Arts Council England and MGS and conducted by BOP Consulting and the Museums Consultancy, examines the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours held by the UK museum workforce in 2016.
Two adults with light skin stand in a large gallery with a high ceiling, arched walls, and a marble floor. One of the adults has a black guide dog. They are holding the elbow of the other adult, who is pointing towards the ceiling.
Delivering Change Research
Research undertaken for the development of Delivering Change, an anti-oppression programme for museums and communities.
Two teenagers with dark skin and black braided hair, an adult with dark skin and red braided hair, and an adult with light skin and short brown hair stand together in front of a map panel. The adult with light skin and short brown hair gestures forward with their hand.
Economic Impact of Scotland's Museums and Galleries - Summary Report
An economic impact report commissioned by MGS and published in 2023 as part of our ongoing advocacy to ensure the long-term investment in our sector.
Aged prayer book that is sitting open
Empire, Slavery & Scotland's Museums Project Research
Read the project research and documentation from the Empire, Slavery & Scotland's Museums project. The project explored how Scotland's museums can contribute to our understanding of the legacies of empire, colonialism, and historic slavery.
Open book of Robert Burns poems
Evaluation of the Recognition Scheme and Fund
In 2014, MGS commissioned research to chart the development of the Recognition Scheme, which had 41 Recognised Collections across the country at the time of this evaluation.
Two adults with light skin walk through a gallery at the City Art Centre. The gallery has white walls and parquet flooring, and displays varied contemporary works.
Kickstart Scheme Evaluation
The Kickstart Scheme was a UK Government funded scheme that provided funding to create new job placements for 16-24 year olds who are on Universal Credit and at risk of long term unemployment. It took place during 2021-2022.
An adult with medium-light skin, dark long hair in a ponytail and a wearing a yellow jacket looks at a stone engraving of a bull, carved with red paint
National Survey for Scotland's Museums & Galleries
The National Survey for Scotland’s Museums and Galleries was commissioned by Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) and conducted by DC Research in mid-2022, to gather essential information about the museums and galleries sector in Scotland.
An adult with dark skin, an adult with medium dark skin, and a child with medium-dark skin laugh and wave as they lean out of the side of an old red and yellow tram.
Realising the vision together
Realising the Vision detailed how MGS and the sector would work together to maintain the momentum in building a sustainable future for the sector.