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Reaching digitally excluded audiences

This webinar explores how you can engage with digitally excluded audiences. Many of us have had to, or chose to, move to a digital-only approach to marketing. It’s important to remember that this doesn’t work for everyone and that we have the right tools to reach people.

Both this and the diversifying your audiences webinar were originally delivered for Year of Stories 2022 Community Stories Fund recipients, as part of a support programme organised by VisitScotland and Museums Galleries Scotland.

Webinar content

This session:

  • Explores the meaning of digital exclusion/digital poverty
  • Examines the types of audiences that might be excluded and why
  • Helps you understand who your digitally excluded audiences are
  • Offers ideas for reaching your digitally excluded audiences
  • Shows you how to measure the success and impact of your approach and actions

Who will benefit most from this session?

Those with some basic marketing knowledge and an understanding of their target audiences.

Webinar speaker

Who is the speaker?

Christina Lister | Marketing Consultant | Christina Lister Comms

Christina is a marketing and audience development consultant with 20 years’ experience working in agency, in-house and consultancy positions.

Her experience spans larger organisations such as the Science Museum Group, Empire Cinemas and Museum of London; sector support and development organisations such as the Association of Independent Museums, SHARE Museums East and the AMA; and independent and smaller organisations including Jane Austen’s House, Stratford Circus Arts Centre, the Museum of Cambridge, American Library, Babylon Arts, Norwich Historic Churches Trust, and Ensemble Dance Co.


Reaching digitally excluded audiences - presentation
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Reaching digitally excluded audiences - resources
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