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An adult with dark skin, an adult with medium dark skin, and a child with medium-dark skin smile as they inspect a fold-out map. They are seated outside on a bench in front of a large building with curved metal walls.

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A sepia photograph of an older adult sitting on a bench. The older adult, who has light skin and is wearing a suit, is 20th-century Scottish comedian Sir Harry Lauder. Standing next to the bench is an adult with light skin, short wavy hair, and a long dark coat.
Sir Harry Lauder Museum Collection Becomes 51st Recognised Collection
Today South Lanarkshire’s Sir Harry Lauder collection is officially recognised as one of Scotland’s Nationally Significant Collections.
Copies of the Empire, Slavery & Scotland’s Museums Steering Group Recommendations arranged in a pile on a white surface.
MGS on Empire, Slavery & Scotland’s Museums Steering Group Recommendations
Today, the Empire, Slavery & Scotland’s Museums Steering Group make recommendations to the Scottish Government on how Scotland’s involvement in empire, colonialism, and historic slavery can be addressed using museum collections and spaces.
A building with grey walls, large windows, and a grey tiled roof. A row of solar panels sit on the roof.
Over £1 Million Awarded Through The Museums Capital Resilience Fund
Today Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) announces that 39 museums and galleries across Scotland have been awarded over £1 million, thanks to funding from the Scottish Government.
Two adults with light skin observe ‘Gravity’, a print by Nigerian-born artist Ade Adesina, at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre.
Museums Galleries Scotland Launches Sector Jobs And Opportunities Support
Today Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) announces new jobs and opportunities support to help the sector in Scotland to embrace and action the Scottish Government Fair Work First guidelines and create a more sustainable and diverse workforce.
Two star-shaped military medals rest on a museum entry form. In the background, two older adults with light skin can be seen sorting through a pile of photos and documents.
Up To Date Records
Many museums in Scotland care for collections which have existed for many years, and which have been recorded according to varying historic standards.
Two teenagers with dark skin and black braided hair, an adult with dark skin and red braided hair, and an adult with light skin and short brown hair stand together in front of a map panel. The adult with light skin and short brown hair gestures forward with their hand.
Help Shape The Second National Strategy For Scotland’s Museums And Galleries
Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) is inviting people working in all roles in Scotland’s museums and galleries to help shape the second national strategy for Scotland’s museums and galleries.
A digital 3D point scan of a metal boat, displayed in a white space.
New digital skills development programmes announced
Today Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) is pleased to announce new plans to address sector digital skills development needs. Two programmes, Digital Literacy for Leadership and Talking Digital: Coaching Conversations for Digital Confidence will be delivered through MGS Skills Academy.
A young person with medium dark skin tone and medium length dark curly hair, sits on a school playground colouring the ground in front of them in green chalk.
Launch Of Culture At COP Website
In collaboration with partners from around the globe, Museum Galleries Scotland (MGS) is pleased to launch the Culture at COP website with the Climate Heritage Network and Historic Environment Scotland (HES).
Crowds watch a torchlit procession at night. Two adults in Viking costume stand on board a Viking longship at the centre of the procession.
£300,000 funding available to help communities celebrate Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022
Community groups and organisations from across the country are being invited to apply for funding to host events and activities that will celebrate Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022.