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Climate Action
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Call to put culture at the heart of climate action

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In the lead-up to COP28, which will be held from 30 November until 12 December 2023, the Climate Heritage Network has called upon cultural organisations from across the world to unite with them in a joint work action to recognise culture as playing a key role in climate crisis solutions. Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) has signed their name to this.

We believe the cultural and heritage sector plays a unique role in the climate challenge. Museums hold vital information about our past through stories, objects, and natural history records. Furthermore, museums can inspire audiences and communities across the country, and globally, to understand the dynamic connection to their planet and take action to protect it.

The potential of, and opportunities for, cultural and heritage organisations tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis is vast. Museums and galleries stand uniquely placed, at the heart of communities, to tell stories of our past and use them in seeking solutions in the fight for the future.

Lucy Neville, Climate Officer at Museums Galleries Scotland

Climate Action is a core part of Scotland’s Museums and Galleries Strategy, and we are working to improve our own actions as an organisation as well as supporting the sector.

We want to hear what your organisation is doing to fight back against the climate crisis. Contact our climate officer, Lucy Neville: