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Our response to the Scottish Government’s National Adaptation Plan 2024-2029

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Museums Galleries Scotland and the Museums Association recently submitted a joint response to a consultation on the Scottish Government’s National Adaptation Plan 2024-2029.  

The Scottish Government’s National Adaptation Plan looks to how Scotland should not only take steps to reduce emissions but also adapt to a changing climate. This includes biodiversity, economy, culture, and community.  

We were pleased to see that the draft plan highlighted how museums and galleries have taken action to tackle the climate crisis. Following our submission to the consultation, we anticipate that the final plan will contain robust Scottish Government support for the museum sector as we adapt to the climate emergency.

In consultation with the Scottish Museums Climate Network, the Museums Association and Museums Galleries Scotland have included the following in our response: 

It’s our ambition that our advocacy on behalf of the sector will ensure that museums and galleries are empowered to play a key role in Scotland’s response to the climate crisis. 

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