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Marketing and Public Relations (PR)

Read these guides for advice on how to promote your museum or gallery through press, advertising, and digital content.

Working with Scottish Tourism Organisations
Find a list of Scottish regional and destination marketing contacts for your local area.
Understanding your audiences through Evaluation
Evaluation helps you understand who comes to your museum. Learn more about evaluating your audience to help inform your content, interpretation, marketing, strategy, and planning.
Identifying your audience
You need visitors for your museum to be a success. Understanding your visitors and who you’d like to attract is essential: who they are, where they come from, their likes and dislikes. This can help you build a stronger museum that appeals to more people.
Social Media Toolkit
When social media is used effectively, it can play a key role in supporting your museum’s marketing and engagement objectives. This guide will help you develop a digital presence that's right for you and your audiences.
Marketing Toolkit
Our Marketing Toolkit will help you with your marketing activity. It includes information on knowing your audiences, where and how to market, developing your branding, and improving your photography.
Public Relations (PR) Toolkit
We've developed a PR Toolkit to help you with your PR activity. This includes advice on which channels to use, how to write a press release, and how you can work with influencers.
Knowledge Exchange: Working with influencers
This Knowledge Exchange event explored how museums and galleries can work with influencers to effectively promote their venues.
Webinar: diversifying your audiences
This webinar will help you define what ‘diversifying audiences’ means for your organisation. There is value in clarifying what diversity means. Approaches to and the understanding of ‘diversifying audiences’ are changing. It’s distinct from equality and inclusion. 
Webinar: reaching digitally excluded audiences
This webinar explores how you can engage with digitally excluded audiences. Many of us have had to, or chose to, move to a digital-only approach to marketing. It’s important to remember that this doesn’t work for everyone and that we have the right tools to reach people.